infrared thermometer

Digital Infrared Thermometer is a useful innovation to measure the temperature of the cold and hot objects without any physical contact.

Nowadays you can see it’s usage in professional as well as domestic life.You can measure the temperature of a running engine, burning object or even a sleeping baby.

infrared thermometer

infrared thermometer

It impacts revolutionary effects in many industries like automobile, electric, electronics, civil, medical, food, etc. Latest IR Guns are easy to use and provide the exact measurement of temperature any surface with the fast result.

How to Pick the Best IR Gun

There are many factors which you should keep in mind before buying IR Non-contact thermometer.


Usage :

Infrared temperature gun usage is a big factor in choosing which needs to keep in mind for best suitable one.

Different types of laser temperature gun available in the market with the different function and feature to handle various Task.

Measurement Range:

Commonly models have -50°C up to 380°C measurement capacity ideal for domestic use. Another hand advance modules have more measurement capacity like -50°C up to 750°C, so these are the best use for professional usage.

Distance To Spot Ratio:

Infrared thermometer gun working based on the distance to spot ratio. Many models available in the market with different distance to spot ratio ranges. It depends directly on your working nature. In detail, if you want low rang measurement than (10:1″ and 12:1 D/S) are best for more high rang you could use 24:1″ D/S.

Speed and Accuracy:

All sorts of IR Thermometers readily provide you accurate and more thermometer readings. Most advanced units are highly developed for professional purposes, as they offer accurate readings. The precision is due to the IR sensors and adjustable emissivity. Cheaper thermometer expected ±2%, while advanced models expect ±1%.


The ability of material to measure emitted IR energy is “Emissivity”. You can measure it on a scale from just 0.10 to just below 1.00. Usually, this unit features a fixed emissivity of 0.95. This range is quite fine for reading the common solid surfaces.

Suitable Price Range:

As features of available items vary, similarly their prices also vary. For home usage infrared thermometer’s prices ranges from $12 to $20 only. Models cost for $25 to $60 considered mid-ranging models. Whether, the professional grade infrared thermometers come packed with advanced functions. While several other devices ranging from $200 seems high category items.

In the light of above mentioned guideline, we have researched and evaluated many products. Afterward, we concluded top brands, discussed their qualities, brands reputations, and listed them here.

Types Of Digital Infrared Thermometer

There are different types of Infrared temperature sensing devices on the market. These units include configurations, which has designed for portable and flexible handheld use. You can also use them for rising in fixed position to perform an exact purpose.

The most common types of infrared thermometers are as following​

Spot Infrared Thermometers:

These instruments designed to measure the temperature at a spot on a surface. By using spot infrared thermometers, you can calculate an exact reading from a distance.

Infrared Line Scanning Systems:

Like the spot thermometers, these devices scan a larger area pointed at a rotating mirror. They are physically larger among three types of infrared thermometers. You can use them in manufacturing process including conveyors or web processes.

Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras:

These infrared radiations thermometers look like a camera. You can use them to measure temperature of several points over larger area. In this way, it creates a two-dimensional image, called a “Thermogram”. At that point, each pixel represents temperature.

As compared to spot and scanning thermometers, Infrared cameras are best for bigger areas so, they are more processor and software demanding. The IR cameras are much expensive than spot thermometers.

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