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If you’re either an electrician or a technician, having a clamp meter will undoubtedly help you in doing your job. The meter is also known as a tong tester or simply a clamp-on ammeter. Clamp meters are generally used to measure large AC currents or “circuit loading”. Unlike the analog clamp meters, these latest digital clamp meters have the ability to measure voltage as well as resistance.

Homeowners who deal with DIY electrical projects might find a clamp meter to be very useful in mapping outlets to breakers. Buying electrical as well as mechanical equipment requires you to clearly understand the stats as well as the features of each and every device so as to ensure that you purchase the right product. Consequently, in order to simplify things for you, we have reviewed 10 of the best digital clamp meters that you can look out for in the market. 

Clamp meter

Clamp meter


all clamp meters are not created equal, therefore, it is very important that you buy a top quality clamp meter that can provide precise results regardless of the environment that you will be working on the accuracy of the readings is one of the most important things that you should look at. Preferably you should buy a clamp meter that records accurate RMS readings. If you do not do so, unnecessary electrical noise that light bulbs, as well as other devices, make can lead to inaccurate readings. Your digital clamp meter should also be able to meet the standard accuracy of 2% ± 5 counts.

You should also look for a digital clamp meter that can work in any kinds of environment. In case you use a digital clamp meter that is either under or over its definite operating temperatures, you will get inaccurate readings.

Lastly, you have to look at the features that the clamp meter you want to buy has. You should not go for ones that offer the most bonus features because they tend to be hard to use for their intended application. Also, avoid digital clamp meters that have useless features like a tape measure. Alternatively, go for one that has the measurement qualities that you need so as to get the work done very quickly and also very correctly.


Are you within the electrical trade? If yes, then you know that you should have a clamp meter for solving electrical problems that might occur while working. As such, you should only use the best when it comes to clamping meters and the above list highlights the best clamp meters that you get on the market today.

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