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Paint coating thickness meters are responsible for undertaking a pretty important job. Measuring coating thickness can be essential for quality control, material testing, paint inspection, shop work, used car markets, industrial lacquering, and so forth. Depending on the type of tasks you have in mind, finding the right thickness gauge usually isn’t tough.

Picking the Best Paint Coating Thickness Gauge

coating thickness gauge

In some ways, the most challenging part of selecting the right gauge is sorting through your options. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to help narrow down your selection quickly. You can keep your search on the right track by thinking about four primary elements:

Material Support

What types of materials are you testing? If you want to measure powder coating thickness, then you’ll want to look for an instrument that can use magnetic or eddy current measurements. If you’re working on a wooden substrate, you would want an ultrasonic gauge.

What about chrome? Aluminum? Enamel? Rubber? What about on magnetic substrates like iron or steel? It’s important to pay attention to material support because not every coating thickness gauge is capable of the same readings.

Instrument Accuracy

Tools that help you measure things will provide different levels of accuracy. Entry-level equipment tends to provide a kind of ballpark accuracy that’s good enough for most applications. For people working in their shop at home, getting your measurement within a few percent of accurate is probably going to be enough. For commercial or industrial applications, higher levels of accuracy can be necessary.

Ease of Use

Paint coating thickness meters are not always intuitive to use. Ask yourself, is the interface approachable? Is the display readable? It may also be helpful to think about how often the instrument will be used by someone who’s unfamiliar with it.

Small problems with ease of use can compile when students or other non-proficient users are operating the instrument, or when the instrument is being used with higher levels of throughput.

Data Entry

Okay, you’ve collected your readings. What can you do with the data now? Do you have to write those figures down on paper, or punch them into Excel by hand? Sometimes a paint coating thickness gauge will include its own support software, allowing you to upload or export data to a PC. Other times, instruments are made so that recording data is between you and a pencil.

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