Gas detector

What Is A Natural Gas Leak Detector?
Since certain gases cannot be seen, sniffed or tasted, it is very important for us to own good quality gas leak detectors which can effectively spot a leakage and save us from any dangerous situations. Natural gases tend to occur in their purest state. And this is what makes them colourless, without any smell as well as tasteless. Such natural gases have been formed in due course of time and are a result of a million years of compression as well as decomposition. But, when any of these harmful gases start to occur at dangerous levels, it is time to do something about it. And a natural gas leak detector comes into play!

gas detector

Gas detector

It is basically equipment that constantly keeps monitoring the presence of a gas and can be installed to prevent any detrimental accidents. These are essentially electronic alarm devices that alert you if the levels of natural gases go highly unsafe. Therefore, it is a good idea for workplaces and homes to have reliable devices that can detect natural gases and get you prepared with precautionary steps to be taken (if any). Gas leaks can be dangerous if not under a controlled amount. However, a supervised usage makes natural gases useful in cooking, water heating, and other such applications. But, in the opposite case, these gases are silent and are deadly. But, an alarm comes in handy and affordable to troubleshoot the issue


How Do Natural Gas Leak Detectors Work?

You either get a hardwired detection system or purchase a battery operated the device. What may ever be the mode of running these units, they all work towards the detection of natural gases. The powerful sensors present in such devices are capable enough to identify the presence of any natural gas leakage. A loud beeping alarm alerts the user when the levels are unsafe. This is one function that keeps you and your loved one absolutely safe and prepared. Installations are easy and so is the process to obtain results.

Natural gas leak detection is basically the process of identifying a potentially harmful gas leak with the help of a sensor. Depending upon the mechanism, gas leak detectors can be both portables as well fixed. On the basis of operation, gas leak detection sensors can be classified as semiconductors, catalytic, infrared, photoionized, holographic, ultrasonic and oxidized.

Portable monitors are more personal and can either be worn on your clothes or be handheld. Fixed gas leak detectors on the other side are planted near the area that needs utmost protection. These are for industrial usageand the portable gas leak detection equipment are for home use. Portable monitors are moreover battery operated and give out warning signals with the help of inbuilt audible alarms. These signals flash when there are dangerous gas levels detected by the device.

Benefits Of Using Natural Gas Leak Detectors For Home

1. A natural gas leak detector helps detect flammable and toxic gases in your home environment.

2. The natural gas leak detection system acts as an added advantage for the security of your house environment.

3. You see real-time results if there’s a leakage happening.

4. The inspection makes it easier for you to decide on what steps you have to take further.

5. It’s a pretty affordable and a less time-consuming process.

6. It prevents disturbing symptoms like a headache, vomiting, blurry vision, chest pain, shortness of breath and/ or nausea.

7. You are able to constantly keep monitoring the gas levels inside your property.

Frequently Asked Questions for Natural Gas Leak Detectors-FAQs

Q1. What is natural gas?

These are gases that naturally occur beneath the ground and are also the commercially made use of. The list includes ethane, methane, propane, pentane, and butane etc.

Q2. Do natural gases have any particular properties?

Almost all natural gases are colourless, odourless and cannot be tasted. They are even lighter than the air. Such gases possess burning qualities are also called as the cleanest fossil fuels.

Q3. Why do natural gases smell like rotten eggs?

Natural gas does not have any odour of its own. But, when delivered for commercial or industrial use, suppliers add mercaptan, a chemical that makes detection of gas leakage much easier. And this gives a natural gas that peculiar smell.

Q4. Is natural gas hazardous?

When used with safety, it’s a convenient energy source. But, in the case of a leakage that too in unacceptable levels, the circumstances can become dangerous.

Q5. For how long do gas leak sensors work?

Typically, they operate well for at least 3-5 years. But, we have also seen sensors working for as long as 10 years.

Q6. Can battery life be affected due to changing temperatures?

Yes! Lower temperatures drop the battery too soon and higher temperatures make batteries lose their charge pretty quick.

Q7. How often does my instrument need to be calibrated?

Ideally, every year, you must calibrate your testing equipment. However, every month is also recommended in some cases.

Q8. Do carbon monoxide detectors identify natural gases?

Carbon monoxide (CO) to is an odourless and colourless gas; however, CO detectors cannot identify any other gases unless stated otherwise.


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