temperature and humidity meter
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How to use a temperature and humidity meter

The following are guideline instructions – there may be some variation between models. The instructions should always be read carefully before using a temperature humidity meter.

turn on temperature humidity meter

temperature and humidity meter

temperature and humidity meter

Step 1 – Turn on the meter
After the power button has been pressed it may be necessary to wait a few seconds for the instrument to calibrate. The screen will indicate when the meter is ready.

press button on temperature humidity meter
Step 2 – Set the meter
Use the appropriate buttons to select the function (temperature, humidity, wet bulb or dew point). A symbol will appear on the display for the relevant functions. Also ensure the device is displaying the correct unit for you.

temperature humidity meter in use
Step 3 – Take reading
Move the device to the location you wish to measure and look at the display, record your reading as required.
changing the unit on temperature humidity meter
Step 4 – Changing the reading
If you wish to alter the unit between degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit or change the function, on most temperature humidity meters it is possible to do this whilst the instrument is in use, using the same buttons as in set-up.

hold, minimise or maximise reading on temperature humidity meter
Step 5 – Holding, minimising or maximising the reading
In most circumstances the readings fluctuate continually and by pressing the hold button you can freeze the reading on screen. Alternatively, press the MIN/MAX button once to display the minimum reading and again to display the maximum.