digital infrared thermometer

How to use Infrared Thermometer

Infrared thermometers offer speed and convenience, but what applications are best suited to infrared thermometry, and how can you be sure the readings are accurate? Our laser-focused tips will help you understandRead More…

UA19B multimeter

Multimeter presentation

A multimeter is the combination of a DC voltmeter, AC voltmeter, ammeter, and ohmmeter. An un-amplified analog multimeter combines a meter movement, range resistors and switches; VTVMs are amplified analog meters andRead More…

ac clamp meter

Digital clamp meter user guide

Digital clamp meter user guide Digital clamp meters are available in both AC and DC models. A standard clamp meter used to measure AC currents cannot be used to measure DC currentsRead More…

laser meter

Why use a Laser Distance Meter?

SUMMARY A Laser Distance Meter sends a pulse of laser light to the target and measures the time it takes for the reflection to return. For distances up to 30m, the accuracyRead More…

Sound level meter

Sound Level Meter User Manual

How to use a sound level meter? When using a sound level meter for evaluation or classification of let´s say environmental and traffic noise, it is not only important to have preciseRead More…

Light meter

How to Use a Light Meter

If you have a high-tech DSLR camera, you are probably thinking it’s already got a perfectly good on-board light meter. Why would you want to invest in a hand held light meter?Read More…


Where is an anemometer used?

Anemometer, device for measuring the speed of airflow in the atmosphere, in wind tunnels, and in other gas-flow applications. Most widely used for wind-speed measurements is the revolving-cup electric anemometer, in whichRead More…