UA19E digital multimeter

UA19E digital multimeter

New design High Quality 6000 Counts NCV True RMS Professional Auto Digital Multimeter with Analog bar

– Automatic range, color screen, with analog bar display, the whole machine uses a high-performance MCU processor, with a very high cost performance.
– NCV flashlight illumination The instrument has stable performance and quality reliability. It is a 3 5/6 digital multimeter with LCD display, clear reading, intuitive display and convenient operation.
– Can be used to measure DC voltage, AC voltage sine wave true RMS, DC current, AC current sine wave true RMS, resistance, capacitance, frequency, duty cycle, diode and continuity test.
– Unit symbol data retention, automatic power off and other functions.
– The whole machine adopts high-performance MCU processor and has high cost performance.
– The instrument is fully functional, highly accurate and easy to use, making it an ideal tool for laboratories, factories, radio enthusiasts and families.


Size:25cm x 20cm x 10cm (LxWxH)
Weight:1 kg


New design High Quality 6000 Counts NCV True RMS Professional Auto Digital Multimeter with Analog bar

UA19E General characteristics:
–DC Voltage:600mV/6V/60V±(0.5%+ 3);600V/1000V±(0.8%+ 5)
–AC Voltage:600mV±(1.2%+5);6V/60V±(0.8%+3);600V/750V±(1.0%+10)
–DC Current:60uA/600uA/6000uA/60mA/600mA±(0.8%+3);20A±(2.0%+10)
–AC Current:60uA/600uA/6000uA/60mA/600mA±(1.0%+3);20A±(2.5%+10)
–Frequency:9.999Hz-9.999MHZ ±(1.0%+3)
–Duty cycle:0.1% – 99.9% ±3.0%
–Fuse protection:uA,mA Gear fuse:FF630mA/250V; A Gear fuse: FF20A/250V
–Working height:Max 2000m
–Monitor:6000 counts LCD monitor
–Maximum display value:5999 digits
–Polarity indication:automatic indication, ‘-‘ indicates negative polarity
–Over-range display:’0L’ or ‘-0L’
–Sampling time:about 3 times / second
–Automatic power off time:about 15 minutes when no signal
–Battery type:6F22 9V battery(NOT INCLUDE)
–Temperature coefficient:less than 0.1 × accuracy / ℃
–Working temperature:18 ℃ ~ 28 ℃
–Storage temperature:-10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃

·Multi Functions: Auto Ranging Multimeter desired for beginner. Instrument with of Automatic range(Capacitance & Frequency),DATA HOLD, Low battery indication, Over load protection.

·Large LCD Display:3 number 5/6 LCD display with backlight, you can read the data for digital Multimeter measuring in the dark area.

·Portable Design: One-hand holding design allows you do testing by one hand, portable size come with a pack bag is convenient for you to take it anywhere.

·Multichoice for your Needs:UA-19B is Auto Ranging Multimeter;UA-19C is Manual Ranging Multimeter.(Batteries are not included!!!)

-Dimension: 190*90*50mm
-Weight: approx.560g

UA19B multimeter

UA19B multimeter

UA19B multimeter

UA19B multimeter

UA19B multimeter

UA19B multimeter


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VoltageDC 1000V AC 750V V
CurrentAC/DC 20A A
Resistance60M Ω